Published by Positive Feedback - Issue 125

Author Sam Rosen discusses digital room correction and provides a detailed review of Focus Fidelity’s products concluding with his listening impressions.

Published by Audiophile Style

In this article, Mitch Barnett walks through the process of using Focus Fidelity’s Digital Room Correction (DRC) Filter Designer software to calibrate desktop speakers for accurate sound.

Mitch provides detailed measurements and concludes with his subjective listening impressions. Click the link above to find out more.

Customer Feedback

"I can seriously not believe just how incredible the sound coming out of my speakers is. This software is THE BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT IN AUDIO. Bar none. Nothing else comes close in the slightest."
Daniel, USA

"I've got to admit that I'm a bit surprised - pleasantly - by some of what I'm hearing. I was not expecting a sound stage that is now both deeper and wider than before. A delightful surprise. Needless to say, resolving the sound of the recording space also just went up a very nice knotch."
Steve, USA

"I've heard a large improvement while going through my library: I had sooo much fun! So thanks for your software and thanks for your support. Happy customer here"
Harry, Netherlands

"WOW what a difference, really pleased with the results. Straight away the most obvious change is how the filters have tamed the previously boomy and muddy sounding lower frequencies."
Dean, UK

"I now have a system that sounds FAR better than anything I’ve experienced before. Thanks again for creating such a superb set of programs."
James, UK

"I’m very happy with the results and have been listening a lot over the holidays. Can’t imagine it to get any better. My humble home setup now is easily outperforming most stuff I have heard at hifi retailers or hifi shows."
Roland, Germany

"Excellent support from Focus Fidelity, the software is very easy to use, fixes the little flaws I had. I can tune the sound of my system to my taste within minutes. Very impressive work!"
Xavier, France

"All I can say is WOW! I never imagined my system could sound this good! I can't stop listening. I now have to listen to all of my music over again. The software was very straight forward because of your easy to follow tab approach."
Tim, USA

"The entire frequency response sounded balanced and coherent. Lower frequency is nicely integrated with the main speaker with good layering. Vocals have good heft to it, and of course 3d holographic imaging with good sparkle to the top end."
Lawrence, Singapore

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your software. I have generated my first set of filters with your program and I am astounded at the improvement. Even my wife, who does not normally pay attention to my system, asked me what I had done. Just as important to me is how easy your software is to use. I am so glad I stumbled across your software because of Mitch Barnett's article on Audiophile Style, it has taken my system to new heights."
Chad, Canada

"I have to say I am very happy with the results and the flexibility of the designer. The Focus Fidelity team did a fantastic job!"
Ruud, Netherlands

"I just sat down and listened to selection of music. Everything sounded good, from acoustic stuff, to rock, to electronica. The main difference is a simple step forward in clarity, the effect is remarkable. Sound that is a little muddled and irritating is replaced by music. Being in the UK the cost of the software worked out at £185. Based on my experience of the software so far, this is £185 well spent and an absolute bargain in audiophile terms." Comments from original Audiophile Style post
Brian, UK

"The difference is HUGE, the bass is amazing. Your software is ages away from another I have tried."
Nikos, Greece

"This experience with Focus Fidelity has completely changed my perception. I wonder how I ever could listen to music without it."
Markus, Austria

"Wow. You have a VERY happy customer here. Great value for money. I never thought the bass could sound so tight and well defined in this room!"
Craig, UK

"I'm really enjoying the sound from the filters. It's making me listen to more and more music in my office and each time I do I'm hearing more detail and enjoyable sound."
Conrad, UK

"I'm extremely satisfied: excellent interface, very user friendly yet powerful, as well as top-class acoustic achievement!"
Andrea, Italy

"Just bought the software and created my first filter! Absolutely wonderful from the get-go! The bass is tighter, more focused as a result of which the mid-range comes through far more clearly."
Arun, India

"My initial impression after this one set of measurements and zeroing in quickly from experience to a target slope of 0.6dB/octave, is the soundstage was both wider and deeper. The high end had more clarity. The auditory scene was more cohesive. The deepest bass notes were more distinct." Comments from original AV Nirvana post
John, USA

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