Welcome to Focus Fidelity, we create software to advance the state of the art in music reproduction in your home. Our software effectively calibrates audio playback for your loudspeakers and room acoustics resulting in quite simply, Higher Fidelity.

The calibration and playback is typically referred to as Digital Room Correction (DRC) or Digital Room Calibration or sometimes Digital Room Equalization. It is the process of filtering an audio signal during playback, the filters combine with room and loudspeaker characteristics to produce a total result that is more accurate than the loudspeakers and room alone.

The filter is designed from measurements taken of the room and loudspeakers. The measurement process and more importantly the filter design process are the key elements to arriving at an accurate result. Focus Fidelity software uses multiple measurements taken at several positions in the listening area. The measurements combined with user specified targets are the inputs to our proprietary filter design process. From our filters, you can expect accurate bass reproduction, improved stereo imaging, elimination of loudspeaker induced phase & impulse response distortions and control of tonal balance.

The filter design software we have developed generates filters for left & right channels that are compatible with media player software such as Roon and JRiver Media Center.

Future developments will include digital crossovers, bass management, and multiple subwoofer optimization.

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